我们很高兴你有兴趣申请365平台. In addition to success in your current classes, we are looking for students who demonstrate “Grit & Grace” and who embody our core values: community, character, balance and involvement.

Admissions Steps

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  • Step 1: Submit Online Inquiry

    完成在线查询会生成一封电子邮件, giving you a username and the ability to create a password for your personalized admission portal, 从中,您可以访问并检查您的在线申请状态. It also allows us to share additional information about Westminster and upcoming events with you.

    When filling out the form, please include distinct email addresses for each individual. Inquiries cannot be processed unless the email addresses for each individual listed are unique.

  • Step 2: Learn More About Westminster

    有很多方法可以更多地了解365平台! 有关安排参观的更多信息,请 click here. You can also peruse the wealth of information about Westminster’s programs available on the website. 想要了解365平台和日常生活,不要忘记关注365平台 Instagram and Facebook.
  • Step 3: Schedule Your Tour & Interview

    参观和面试是我们了解您的重要机会! 我们通常从9月中旬到1月中旬进行面试. Click here 有关日程安排的其他信息. 
  • Step 4: Sign Up for Testing (Optional)

    虽然在我们的整体申请审查过程中很少具有决定性, standardized testing is informative and was typically a prerequisite for admission. Westminster, however, recognizes that for some students testing may not be as easily accessible. Accordingly, Westminster will allow students to apply without submitting standardized test scores and welcomes discussion of individual circumstances with a member of our admissions team.


    • 中学入学考试(SSAT)
    • 我们鼓励申请人填写文字技能快照(CSS)
    • If English is not first language: TOEFL
    中五及中六申请人(十一 & 12th grades) and Postgraduate Year 
    • PSAT, SAT, ACT, or SSAT
    • 我们鼓励申请人填写“人物技能快照”
    • If English is not first language: TOEFL
    Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT): 
    • The SSAT is currently being offered at home (throughout the fall, every Saturday and one Sunday a month starting in August), at Prometric Test Centers,以及在有限的基础上以传统的纸张形式(Flex and Standard Paper Test Dates). Please be sure to register early to obtain the desired testing format, location and date. 所有测试应在1月15日前完成.
    • Westminster’s SSAT code is 8134. 
    College Board Testing (PSAT and SAT): 
    • The PSAT will be offered in October. sat考试将从8月开始在整个秋季进行. Please be sure to register early to obtain the desired testing format, location and date. 所有测试应在1月15日前完成. 
    • act考试将在整个秋季进行. Please be sure to register early to obtain the desired testing format, location and date. 所有测试应在1月15日前完成. 
    Character Skills Snapshot (CSS):
    • Character matters at Westminster. A supplement to cognitive measures, CSS会报告角色的品质, or “non-cognitive” attributes, of individual student applicants. 这是一个在线评估,大约需要20分钟.
    • 对于SSAT考生,快照是免费的. 对于不参加SSAT考试的学生,CSS的费用是35美元.00.
    • October, November, December and January are the preferred test dates for the TOEFL.
    • Westminster’s TOEFL code is 8486.  
  • 第五步:复习365平台论文问题

    All applicants are asked to complete the following questions (fill in the blanks, suggested length 1-2 sentences):
        • 如果给我一张免费的机票去世界上任何一个地方旅行,我会去: 
        • I am fascinated by:
        • 如果我有机会学习新的东西,我会:
        • The person (from the past or present) that I would most like to spend a day with is:
        • My greatest strength is:
        • For me, belonging to a community means:
        • Something surprising about me is:
        • 我的家人总是分享我的故事,当我:


    Applicants applying using the Gateway Application will be asked to answer the following question:
      • Ideally, applying to schools is a process that prompts self-reflection and generates excitement for future opportunities. 我们很想听听你为什么认为365平台很适合你, how you see yourself contributing to the Westminster community and learn a bit more about you (suggested length 300 words).

    Applicants applying using the Standard Application Online will be asked to answer several additional essay questions in furtherance of applications to all schools.

  • Step 6: Complete Applications Online

    Candidates for admission to Westminster should apply online using the Standard Application Online or Gateway to Prep Schools application. 平台的选择与录取决定无关. The completed application is due by January 15 to ensure a March 10 decision and is comprised of the following:
            • Biographic Information
            • 申请费-(国内75美元,国际150美元)
            • 标准化考试(参见上面的步骤3了解更多信息)
            • Student Essays/Candidate Statement
            • Parent Statement
            • 推荐-由在职教师在线提交(Required:学校行政人员、英语教师、数学教师. Optional: Personal and Special Interest.)
            • Transcript – submitted directly by school (including current Fall term or semester grades)
            • Graded Writing Sample – Please provide a graded writing assignment completed for one of your classes this year. We are eager to read what you have written, and see your teacher’s comments and corrections. 我们明白,写作是一个过程,当做得最好, 学生和老师之间的对话是否涉及起草, comments, and revisions. For our purposes, 我们更希望看到对话从何开始, 而不是一件经过完美打磨的作品. 请确保纸上有你的名字.

    SAO          Gateway
  • Accessing Your Admissions Portal

    1. Click the “Portal Login” button located in the upper right hand corner of this page.
    2. 输入查询时收到的用户名和密码.
    Forgot your username and/or password? Click the “Forgot Your Login?” link and the system will send you an email with your username and instructions on how to reset your password.

    请注意,学生和家长都有自己的账户. If you use the same email address for both student and parents on your application, 家长可能很难进入他们的账户. 请在方便的时候给我们打电话,我们很乐意提供帮助.  
  • Important Dates & Deadlines

    • 申请入学及助学金: January 15
    • Admission Decision Notification: March 10
    • Candidate Reply Deadline: April 10
  • Affording Westminster

    Applicants seeking financial aid must complete the financial aid application by Jan. 15. Please see our Affording Westminster page for more information.
如果你对申请过程有任何疑问, 请致电365平台办公室(860)408-3060.
Westminster School reaffirms its long-standing nondiscriminatory policy and admits students of any race, religion, 性取向或国籍的所有权利, privileges, programs, 以及通常提供给365平台学生的活动. 365平台在教育政策上没有歧视, admissions policies, scholarship programs, 或者体育和其他学校管理的项目.

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为了保持我们对多元化社区的支持, Westminster abides by all applicable federal and state laws and does not discriminate on the basis of any protected characteristic, including race, color, religious creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national and ethnic origin, 血统和/或教育政策管理方面的残疾, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, 以及体育和其他学校管理的项目. 365平台大学招收任何种族的学生, color, 民族和民族出身的一切权利, privileges, programs, 以及学院一般给予或提供给学生的活动. 
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